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Improving Outcomes

Our goal is to deliver treatment that will result in the best quality of life possible for your residents and to provide your facility with improved therapy operations because the financial health of a facility directly impacts the level of care it can provide overtime.

Our Care Advantage
The consistency and stability of a therapy team is critical to the delivery of effective therapy treatment. AdvantageCare Rehabilitation provides our facilities with experienced and dedicated teams of therapists to give their residents and patients the consistent care and treatment they deserve. Our therapy services::

  • optimize resident independence;
  • decrease resident turnover;
  • increase your scope of services;
  • improve your ability to attract and retain residents; and
  • provide rehabilitation visibility and interaction for family and caregivers.

Strengthening Patients
Our rehabilitation teams are comprised of therapists who are experienced, supported by advanced technologies, and above all dedicated to your residents’ care. From young adults to senior citizens, your residents will be treated by the very best physical, occupational and speech therapists.

Physical Therapists – helping residents to regain balance, improve body mechanics,
and increase strength and mobility.

Occupational Therapists – ensuring residents gain or maximize daily life skills.

Speech Language Pathologists – improving communication skills, swallow
function and cognitive abilities.

Strengthening Facilities
Cost-effective, quality care demands cost-efficient billing and compliance systems. Our advanced software system seamlessly integrates rehab, MDS, and billing to deliver:

  • UB04 Sub-Set reports;
  • simple, accurate billing;
  • CPT code compliance;
  • referral source and resident outcome planning;
  • management tools;
  • and more.

The system will easily allow you to monitor every aspect of the therapy program,
review exception reports, access caseloads, perform screenings and quality indicator
reports, and review key benchmarks for optimal efficiency.

Take advantage today.

For more information, please give us a call at 412.440.0145.

We would be happy to sit down and discuss how you can gain a distinct advantage with a dedicated Advantage therapy team.
“AdvantageCare’s full level of commitment to our patients and facility is demonstrated day-in and day-out by their professionalism and strong results.”

Mark Froelich, MSPT
Director of Therapy Services
Washington County Health Center

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