Improving Therapy Operations

Better therapy operations deliver better therapy results – and improved financial health for the facility.

The direct relationship between improved management and improved outcomes is clear; how to go about improving therapy operations is sometimes not so clear.

AdvantageCare Consulting helps facility administrators and therapy directors to evaluate current therapy operations to identify practices that are undermining the facility’s ability to deliver consistently high quality care over time, potentially threatening the long term health and viability of the facility.

At the heart of achieving the optimal relationship between care, results and reimbursements is the care assessment, categorization and management process. With our deep understanding of how these areas inter-relate, including the complex Medicare reimbursement schedule, Advantage helps facility clients to develop customized plans of action for improving their therapy operations, which ultimately strengthens the long term health of the facility.
We can help give your facility Feel the Advantage.
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"We focus exclusively on how to improve therapy outcomes, operations and reimbursements. Although helpful to any therapy center, we provide particular benefit to facilities managing a team of in-house therapists by providing an objective third-party review and benchmark of their performance across these three critical and related areas."

Amy Hancock, President AdvantageCare Consulting
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