Achieving Better Results Together

Patients' health care needs change and evolve, as do the operational needs of care facilities. AdvantageCare Rehabilitation LLC, Advantage Home Health Services, and AdvantageCare Consulting were founded by Amy Hancock to better meet these needs.

Although the Advantage companies each deliver services targeted to a specific health care area, the companies share a close working relationship and coordinate services and expertise to help patients and facilities achieve optimal results.

From offering our home health monitoring service to the residents of a client’s assisted living facility, to leveraging best practices from our contract therapy operations for our consulting services, to enabling therapists to stay with a patient as the patient moves from a care facility to home treatment – the Advantage companies work together to deliver innovative and effective solutions that ultimately improve outcomes.
Better treatment comes with a better team ...
The Advantage Team
"The Advantage companies each have a unique service focus, but together they share the goal of working together so we can deliver solutions that produce better results for our patients and clients."
-Amy Hancock, CEO and founder of Advantage
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